Raquel’s Cleaning Service, Inc.

10290 Monroe Dr.
Suite 102
Dallas, TX 75229

Office: 214.904.0202



Please CALL the office for matters needing immediate attention or last minute changes and requests. Please give 2 business days notice when cancelling service.

Please include the following information when inquiring about first time service by email:

· Name
· Address
· Phone number(s)
· How did you hear about us?
· Square footage
· # of bedrooms   
· # of bathrooms
· # of stories
· # of people living in your home
· # of pets living in your home and what kinds
· Are you interested in scheduling maintenance cleanings that recur weekly, every other week or monthly?
· Are you switching from another cleaning service? If so, I can give you an estimate for maintenance cleanings based on  (a) the   number of cleaners sent (b) the number of hours they spent cleaning and (c) how often your home was cleaned (i.e. 2 cleaners for 2.5 hours every week).
· Is this a vacant house cleaning?
· Is this a post construction/remodeling cleaning?